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Welcome to the Multi Table Tracking System

The autonomous RFID poker table project, or Multi Table Tournament Tracker(MTT-Tracker)is a hardware and software system that collects information in real-time in professional poker games. This information includes details of all the chips on a tournament table as well as the cards that are in play. With this information MTT-Tracker automatically monitors the tournament, including players, stacks, hands, etc.

The system is PATENT-PENDING UNDER APPLICATION Nº PCT/ES2015/070566 and has been developed completely in-house by eXperience IT Solutions research and development engineers, who are constantly improving and evolving the solution.

What do we hope to achieve with MTT-tracker?

Our objectives for the system are:
· Improve tournament impact by improving dramatically the quality of on-line reporting of live tournaments. Current live tournament reporting systems leave a lot to be desired and don’t achieve the required audience motivation. This system creates a considerable increase in interest in the tournament and therefore in audience as well as attracting new players.
· Increase tournament security. Prevent the use of falsified chips in tournaments.
· More on-line publicity revenue due to increased following of higher quality reporting.
· No interference with TV transmissions as MTT-Tracker is a complementary system that can function in parallel with the live TV system or independently of said system if necessary.
· Reduce tournament tracking personnel. The tournament information can be transmitted automatically to multiple destinations.

Platform for Tournament Organizers and Large Poker Games

The MTT-Tracker platform allows you to achieve:
1. Maximum dissemination: The many different avenues of distribution of important hand data available in MTT not only empower specialised web and mobile news platforms but also permit the integration of MTT into existing Casino IT systems or digital media. Integrated social media, game event alarms, and a standard hand file format allow for easier tournament promotion.
2. Differentiation in a difficult market: In this day and age RFID technology is used in Poker tables as a simple card or stack reader. The MTT system includes local and cloud infrastructure, with in-game logic and security controls that differentiate it from any other available system. There is NO current competition that offers the capabilities available with MTT.
3. Anti-fraud and error control: Security in poker tournaments is becoming more and more necessary every day. Poker chip fraud in stacks, hand sequence control, fast and precise pot and share calculation, stable card detection, etc. MTT guarantees your in-game security.

MTT-Tracker Security

The MTT-Tracker system Guarantees data security in the tournaments thanks to:
1. Unique coded ID for every chip in the tournament.
2. Immediate and automatic verification of chip validity.
3. It is impossible to include false chips in an MTT-Tracker tournament.
4. Lost or “missing” chips are invalidated for future tournaments.
5. Security Alerts to floor when false chips or previous tournament chips appear on a table.
6. Compilation of a chips path throughout a tournament including, if necessary, when and with whom it disappeared (in such cases).

Home diptico

Fast and simple system installation

Installing MMT in standard poker tables is easy.


Dealer monitors the game via tablet

A tablet application allows the dealer to monitor the game.



RFID (stands for Radio Frequency IDentification) is a data storage and recovery system…