rfid desarrollo

The RFID read system integrated into the MTT-Tracker multi-table solution has been developed over a period of several years. eXperience IT Solutions has invested heavily in the investigation and analysis of advanced antenna configurations for high density tag populations with reduced footprint and minimal elevation profiles. Additionally, the MTT-Tracker middleware developed specifically for this system includes tag read and data processing algorithms created to optimize high density tag population reads and guarantee very high levels of precision and accuracy,which permit the identification of large tag populations quickly and efficiently.Read More →


RFID Basic Concepts The basic concept of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is that a query is sent out over radio waves (“What or who are you?”) and then a subsequent reply is received (“This is what or who I am”). How RFID Works The underlying technology architecture of RFID is based on these components: tag and its associated data structure reader with antenna and the reader’s associated middleware communications protocol suite communications network database – data synchronization A reader with it’s antenna can be either stationary in a fixed state (e.g., mounted above a conveyor belt or in the doorway of an office) or mobileRead More →