The MTT-Tracker can track and record all hands played in a tournament, as well as reproduce them live or at a later time and/or date with a configurable delay. MTT collects data in real-time on all stacks, bets, cards, as well as hand sequences and players entering and leaving the table, all this without the need for an external operator. MTT’s main characteristics are: The System can be setup in one, various or all tables of a tournament for one, several or all tournament days. Personalised tracking of players and/or tables. Dynamic highlighting of the most important or relevant hands. Profile-based information access: Complete accessRead More →


The MTT-Tracker system offers real-time information on the evolution of any live tournament player just like in many other sports.  This enables the integration of poker into on-line betting systems, as is done with many other competitions.  The public not only can follow their favourite players, but can also place bets on the results in real-time, receiving the information as it happens.  Having access to the actual value of a player’s stack, and real-time information about a player’s elimination, or going all-in and winning or losing, enables, for example, the betting on the final position of a player in a tournament; the moment of eliminationRead More →


The MTT system provides various methods for the control and tracking of hands and players. As well as full real-time control of poker games through a touch-screen tablet, we can accurately monitor and track a game, via web, with a preconfigured time delay. Additionally an android application is available for the visualization of in-game and security alerts for tournament directors and organisers. The following diagram shows the full array of devices available: (Click on the image to enlarge)Read More →


Journalists can access player tracking, visualization of stacks and shown cards of a tournament. It’s possible to access this information remotely or from within the actual tournament. Journalists can receive event notifications in the mobile App. For example an All-in call of a player the journalist is tracking.Read More →


Players that use the MTT-Tracker system can register on-line with their email via the tournament organisers. This email will allow the player to access the MTT-Tracker professional webpage. Initially, only players that participate in the tournament can enter. The MTT-Tracker professional web includes participating player card and stack histories as well as details of other players of a particular table and their stack history. Non participating players can only see shown cards, stacks, bets and hand sequences.Read More →


The organizer or director is the person in charge of the tournament and their role is vitally important. In the MTT-Tracker Professional Web they have access to everything via a special user and password. They will see everything available including all cards, stacks, bets and hand sequences. They can also receive all in-game, anti-fraud and security alerts or a sub-set of them (as they wish) as well as configure advanced options.Read More →


Through the Professinal webpage available on-line we can: Publish hand data on social networks (Twitter, facebook, etc.) Export hand data in a standard file format that can be used in on-line hand simulators as well as in current tournament tracking systems.Read More →


As all game data is stored in the central systems’ databases, searches can be carried out for previous plays or hands as well as visualise the history of each tournament, poker table and player. Statistically it can be very informative to study the evolution of each table or a player’s progress throughout a tournament. Using this archive, a journalist can study in-depth a player’s performance and a player can review their game to see where they need to improve their technique.Read More →