MTT-Tracker is designed for the monitoring and control of one or more poker games within the structure of a poker tournament and is capable of controlling all hands in a tournament concurrently. MTT’s main characteristics are: System can be setup in one, various or all tables of a tournament for one, various or all tournament days. Personalised tracking of players and/or tables. Dynamic highlighting of the most important or relevant hands. Profile-based information access: Complete access (Stacks, all cards, all bets + hand sequence) for tournament management. Spectator access (Stacks, shown cards, board + hand sequence). Participating player access (Stacks, board, players own cards, shownRead More →


The system is completely controlled from a touch-screen tablet. The dealer can interact with the system carrying out corrections, if necessary. Possible errors could be : Betting out of turn. Misdeal. Changing lane out of turn. Bet misread. The information provided by the tablet and the most common actions that a dealer may carry out are: Value of each player’s stack. Value of each player’s bet where appropriate. Value of pots where necessary. Current level with blinds and antes. Invalid bet warnings. Chip validity check. Manual correction option in case of error.  Read More →


Because every card and chip has a unique ID, the MTT/Tracker System can guarantee the security of game data. Only the central server can translate the encrypted card IDs into real card values. And all chips carry a unique ID that allows poker chip validity verifications to be carried out constantly. All communication with the central systems are heavily encrypted and no information is transmitted until hands are completed, guaranteeing the absence of outside interference.Read More →


Every object used in a poker tournament (poker chips, player ID card, Cards, Dealer button, etc.) has a unique RFID ID that guarantees the control and security of the tournament. This is one of the keys to the control of fraudulent chips or cards, as all game elements are identified exclusively. All game elements incorporate a 128-bit ID that avoid third parties being able to introduce non valid elements from other tournaments or games. All lost or “missing” chips are invalidated at the end of a tournament, therefore they are no longer valid for following tournaments.Read More →